This homepage deals with Rolling Ball Sculptures (RBS). However, it's my illusion that the nice German word Kugelbahn will become as famous as the word Kindergarten sometime in the future.
January 2001: Looks like it is not a vision any longer, see for example www.toymobile.com for Kugelbahns, wow!

Sorry, this site is not available in English up to now. Because the native German version is still in progress, I will not promise a translation in the near future. Maybe it's a good idea to look for a friend who can explain the German text if you have trouble understanding it.
On the other hand I really wonder how many people all around the world can read the German text. I had never expected such a response.

However, every support is welcome. Do not hesitate to send me an e-mail if you have any information.

I hope you'll enjoy watching the photos and animations even if you do not understand the text. Above all, I wish you much fun when building and playing your own Kugelbahn.

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